Jumpstart Your Seven Paths Journey!

Use the condensed version of Seven Paths below to jumpstart your health and happiness today!

Step 1. Bolster Your Physical Centers

BOOST THE PHYSICAL CENTERS OF YOUR LIFE TOWARD GREATER HEALTH. Boost your health by walking daily, exercising 3-5 times per week (15-25 minutes each), eating wholesome foods, cleaning your water and air, and getting good sleep.

Step 2. Rev Up Your Emotional Centers

RECONNECT WITH YOUR HEART AND WATCH YOUR EMOTIONAL FITNESS SOAR. Purify your emotional centers by filling them with love, good people, rightness, and positive things. Also—listen to, reconnect with, and follow your heart.

Step 3. Transform Your Thought Centers

PURIFY YOUR THOUGHT CENTERS AND IMPROVE YOUR WELLBEING. Enhance your thought stream by improving your core mindset, meditating, yoga, being grateful, introspection, and focusing on the positive.

Step 4. Nurture Your Social Centers

BOOST YOUR SOCIAL CENTERS AND IMPROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. Improve your life by honoring those in your past and current life, genuinely listening to and helping those around you, and generally being more kind and patient.

Step 5. Boost Your Wisdom Centers

BOOST YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND INCREASE YOUR WISDOM. Increase your wisdom by learning how the world works, mastering life and your interactions with others, and indulging in masterpieces of great music, art, literature, and science.

Step 6. Elevate Your Spirit Center

CONNECT WITH THE DIVINE AND ELEVATE YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE. Elevate your spirit by increasing your proximity to god. Due this by discovering the creative genius behind creating a universe of such immense perfection, seeing god’s smile in all things, studying a great religion, and cultivating divinity through praying, repeating mantras, and chanting.

Step 7. Set Your Self Center Free

RECONNECT W- YOUR INNER CORE AND RELEASE THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE Reconnect with your true, inner essence by understanding the power of centers, asking yourself the big questions, stretching the limits of your mind, taking a sabbatical, and attending a retreat intended to cultivate spiritual awakening.

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