Connect with the Divine and Elevate Your Spiritual Life

If you want to deepen your spiritual life and aspire to the divine, you’ll need to get closer to god. To accomplish this, you need to develop a dialogue with her, better understand her thinking, and recognize her smile in all things. Godpath facilitates getting closer to god through introducing you to the design she uses to generate her miraculous state of being. A wonderful creative process which naturally generates a host of beneficial qualities including symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, and collaborative-ness. Elevate your spirituality and proximity to the divine through coming to know god’s infinite genius and the loving care she injects into all her wonderful creations.

  • The Centers of Focus: God and The Spiritual Centers of Your Life
  • The Path to These Goals: Get Closer to God Through Better Understanding Her Mind Through Her Designs
  • Associated Precious Gem: Danburite

There is one certainty in this universe and it is this—all of its contents are breathtakingly beautiful and harmonious. It’s this way because at the core of all her creations resides pure and powerful objects which, through the fields emanating from their surfaces, radiate pureness and rightness into the larger creation forming about it.

Not only a fantastic result in-and-of itself, what this says about the entirety of the universe is nothing short of colossal.  You see, when we find all the contents of the universe—its innumerable galaxies and stars, planets and moons, atoms, peoples, whales, butterflies, and eco-systems; and its art, music, and thought; all possess deeply harmonious-like qualities, we are confronted with the delightful conclusion that universe’s source must be more of the same.

Why is this? Because, as Centerpath teaches the center defines the character and content of the larger creation surrounding it. All of the contents of the universe are beautiful and harmonious, because their core made them that way. In other words, all of the universe includes fabulous qualities because its source—that is the center of the universe, is comprised of something infinitely perfect and powerful. Such a splendid source radiating powerful fields of love into all of the universe; forging its creations in a gorgeous and direct image of what could only be a Great Creator at its heart.

What else other than an all-knowing creator at the center at the enormity of the universe streaming her infinite love into her infinite creations? Each creation then a microcosm-like image of the ultra-macrocosm architecture of the universe. A pure and perfect God at the heart of the universe radiating her love directly to all things. Completing a perfect harmony between the big and the small, the one and the many, heaven and earth, and man and God. A central design whose seeming purpose is to create endless degrees of greatness and perfection.

To reignite your spirituality and better understand the mind of the Great Creator, who designed and set into motion the magnificent state of being streaming throughout the universe, you need to learn the following steps. Complete the Spiritpath worksheets below to map out your plan to enhance and purify the spiritual centers of your life.

  1. Walk in nature.
  2. Study her patterns (use Encyclopedia Centerpath to guide you).
  3. Seek to understand the wisdom of nature’s creations and the many beneficial qualities they possess. Use Seven Paths to Power as your companion.
  4. Contemplate the sheer significance and enormity of being. Even its most basic elements are miraculous.
  5. Try to fathom the infinite genius to design such a condition.
  6. Think of the care and love that would have to go into the crafting such a condition.
  7. Give thanks to the Great Creator for setting our grand symphony of creation of being into motion.
  8. Find deep solace in knowing greater things and greater beings are at work above and beyond us, giving us the miraculous experience of being.
  9. Give thanks for the ability to live and enjoy our blessed experience.

Spiritpath Worksheet

Use the following worksheet to enhance your spiritual life. Or download all worksheets (in .pdf format) from this file:  Seven Pillars of Centerlife – Worksheets.

Goal Current State Future State Action Plan Target Date for Implementation Remarks/Actual Progress
I want to learn what resides at the heart of the universe I am currently unaware of the architecture of the universe and how centers effect the larger creation about them I want to learn what resides at the core of the universe and learn how the character of centers molds the character of the larger whole forming about it 1.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Universe and Seven Paths to Power (Chapter 7 in particular) 1.
I want to learn how to take great solace in the miraculous state of being we live in I am currently unaware of the many miracles that make life possible I want to understand the many layers and interrelations of being to build a true understanding of the miracle of being 1.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Universe and Encyclopedia Centerpath

2.       Study Nature

1. 1.
I want to give thanks to the Great Creator for this blessed state I am currently not giving thanks to the many things that sustain us and the Great Creator I want to regularly give thanks to the miracles of being and the Source that provides it 1.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Universe and Seven Paths to Power (Chapter 7 in particular) 1. 1.
I want to find deep solace in knowing greater things and greater beings are at work above and beyond us Having been molded by modern society’s unflinching faith in science and technology, I am unwilling to give myself to higher things and beings I want to appreciate higher order things and beings into one’s heart relishing in the knowledge we are not the center of the universe nor its greatest creation 1.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Universe and Seven Paths to Power (Chapter 7 in particular) 1. 1.