Centers Rule the Universe and Our Lives!

Use the Power of Centers to Live an Enchanted Life!


Bolster the Centers of Your Life Today!

CenterLife is a life practice based on nature's harmony generating wisdom. Like nature, CenterLife creates beautiful things, lives in this example, through nurturing and purifying the centers of our lives. Use CenterLife to improve your life and elevate it to the divine!


The Path to Meaning and One's Destiny

LifePath identifies the essential cores of your being and how through emulating nature's way, we can cultivate habits to ultimately achieve them, deep meaning, and a blissful life!

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Learn How Centers Generate Harmony in Lives!






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Through CenterLife's practices, I was able to restore balance in all aspects of my life


CenterLife united my mind, body, heart, and soul. With CenterLife, my life is whole, happy, and complete!

Janet Brookmeyer

Walking the Seven Paths reignited a sense of bliss in my life!

Mona Lizzy

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