Introducing 'The Law of Desire'

Choose Your Centers Wisely to Acquire What You Desire!

Finally! A Clear and Credible Means to Obtain Your Needs, Wants, Dreams, and Desires!

What's the Law of Desire?

If you've wondered what’s truly real in the swirling maze of acquiring and attracting systems, your suspicions are well founded—all such systems are just a piece of a much larger puzzle of how the universe actually creates. The Law of Desire clears up this uncertainty and provides the ‘missing links’ via providing an all encompassing program based on the single and only true source of how to create—mother nature herself.

How Does It Work?

Know this one fact to succeed--you are a fully formed byproduct of the universe and are therefore, subject to its laws and processes. The process regulating what you create, and bring into your life is a process fully formed, owned, and operated by the universe. Through gaining a full understanding of how she creates, you are empowered to better select and control the things you create and bring into your life, including unearthing your destiny.

Is This Different From CenterLife?

The main difference between CenterLife and the Law of Desire is that CenterLife’s focus is bolstering the various central cores of your being--your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being amongst others, allowing your overall life to flourish. On the other hand, the Law of Desire is more focused on identifying specific needs, wants, and dreams you desire.

Whereas CenterLife’s approach is more general in nature, the Law of Desire is decidedly more specific/prescriptive and taliored to individual pursuits

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is to develop a foundational understanding of centers and centering (see the drop down menus above). From their, take Jin's Course 'The Law of Desire' to help you make better desisions, restore order and balance, and yes, acqure what you deisre!

Here's What You Stand to Gain!

Use the Power of the Universe to Propel Your Heart and Passions!

  • By the end of this course you will gain an effective and structured means to acquire what you desire via the Law of Desire worksheets
  • Bring the awe and pleasure of knowing back into your life once you learn how the universe creates and how you fit into her grand designs
  • Gain means to overcome the challenges we face when pursuing our dreams and desires
  • Understand the universe’s creative process and how to apply it in your life
  • Learn the importance of starting points towards creating an enchanted life
  • Learn how to better select and evaluate your choices and then, bring them into being
  • Methods to uncover your life’s mission, calling, and destiny
  • Simply become a happier and more fulfilled person!
  • This is the Law of Desire, The Secret, Manifesting, Intention, Raising Your Vibration and Frequency, and Positive Thinking all wrapped up into one!

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