10 Things You Didn't Know About Centers

Master Centers to Master the Universe and Life!

Take the Mystery Out of Centers!

Likely the most understated and understood element of the universe, centers are nevertheless it's most vital! Learn great new insights to centers below!
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Centers…and How They Can Improve Your Life
While centers tend to be simply viewed as the middle object in geometric patterns, in truth, this is a gross oversimplification that ignores the critical role of centers in the organization and operation of the universe! According to Jin Nua, centers are the universe's most vital element, endowed with no less than its most essential duty of creation! As we examine further below, centers are the universe’s prime mover responsible for wrestling order from chaos and raising her colossal symphony of existence, complete with unbridled harmony! Use the ten principles below to gain a deeper understanding of centers, how they apply to the nature and life, and ways you can benefit from their omnipotent power!

1. Centers Create the Universe
Centers fulfill the important duty of wrangling order from chaos through the powerful fields emanating from their surface, bringing forth the many spectacular, center- oriented creations we see streaming throughout the cosmos, from atoms to universes, cells to civilizations, and jewels to galaxies. It's also how your life is created, through powerful centers of mind which organize and structure your life into its numerous, interwoven activities designed to care for, protect, and enrich you. Learn how centers create in nature and in your own life at the link below.

2. Centers are the Source
Whether it's a gravitational center that eventually becomes a planet or sun, a street performer raising his voice to attract attention in a crowd, an epiphany-like experience that grows into an entire philosophy, or the originating spark of interest that brought two lovers together as one, centers are the starting point for all of creation. They are also the starting point for all aspects of your life. Learn more about your life's points of origin, and how you may shape them to improve and enrich your life by checking out CenterLife.

3. Architect of the Universe
While the details of the outputs from a center-oriented creative process can vary significantly (after all, we live in a vast and complicated cosmos! ), there are only a few primary pattern variants that occur. It's similar to ice cream in that while there are thousands of flavors to choose from, the key flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry remain its essential elements. The shape of the universe is similar—it only has a half-dozen or so fundamental forms. These include halos, spheres, spirals, radials, branching systems, clusters, and their combinations, all of which feature remarkable center-oriented patterns. Coming to realize the common pattern that runs through everything, you begin to see the unity-like interconnectedness things share. You also gain a language in which you can begin to communicate with nature. Learn more at Jin's NaturePath site!

4. Harmony Springs
Symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, and collaboration, as well as purity and perfection, are traits that are naturally generated by centers. This happens in a way that is delightfully simple and profound! You see the halo form, and by extension, its close cousin spherical forms are the most basic outputs of the creative process generating such things as proteins, dark matter halos, planets, moons, fruits, and rain drops. Well astonishingly enough, embedded in the very geometric interrelationships of these structures are the seeds from which harmony can emerge. These wonderful qualities are immediately apparent when studying the historical significance of spheres in math, art, and religion. For example, mathematicians have long regarded spheres as the ideal, fundamentally perfect form due to its smoothness and flawlessness. It’s precisely due to this quality that spheres, and halos have been used in religious art—they are the only form considered pure enough to represent holiness. See the link below to learn how center-oriented forms create harmony-like qualities, and how to apply this knowledge.

5. Centers Are the DNA
In addition to DNA orchestrating the myriad functions of cells, centers also serve as the DNA for all other creations in the universe! This can occur because the fields emanating from centers carry a frequency that is unique to the originating center. Because this field only interacts with objects in its immediate vicinity that have the same frequency as it, the larger creation forming around the originating center is made up of the same ‘stuff’ as the center! What this means is the created is, in fact, a reflection of the creator! Knowing this, we can also control the character and content of our lives by controlling the quality of its starting points! Apply this knowledge to ensure the DNA of whatever you start and create is good, right, beneficial, and enduring!

6. Centers are Destinies
Every aspect of life is a mystery that leads to hidden centers. Once you arrive at the center, the journey is complete; you will have found what you are looking for: the essence, source, and reason why. Everything lasting and significant is tied to this process. The outcomes of movies, hunts, the preparation of meals, and musical crescendos are examples of this. Shaman rituals, births, hugs, cries, and one’s destiny are a part of this story. Upon arriving, you discover the journey’s secret. While always surprising, it also forever contains the same elements: beauty, truth, and the essence of the matter. The initial center that set everything on its trajectory and, therefore, fate, ensures that the cosmos will crescendo to a center and then fall back down on the shore where it began.

7. The Universe Has a Pulse of Its Own
Have you ever noticed how sneezes, handshakes, deadlines, and the crossing of a finish line appear to unfold in a similar fashion across time? This is in fact, a perfectly normal result of nature's center-oriented creative process. As things migrate towards and around their originating center, they do so in an ever- quickening rate, as they descend the equally, ever-steepening walls of the field surrounding the center! The crashing of waves, the birth of a star, the firing of neurons, and lightning strikes are examples of phenomena that occur in this broadly applicable, rise-and-fall sequence. It's also the shape of our urges, mannerisms, and rituals as evidenced by the regular rise and fall rhythm of disagreements and confrontations, emotional spirals, celebrations, the stock market's boom-and-bust cycles as well as that of yawns, curtsey’s, eye contact, and prayers. See Jin's Utube site to learn here how events unfold across time to better master and control the events of your life!

8. The Universe’s Dazzling Darlings
The best of what the cosmos has to offer is found in its centers. They are its most complex, lovely, powerful, and mysterious. Atoms' hearts contain virtually unlimited amounts of energy. The magnificent code of life is found in the nucleus of cells. Atoms are created at the core of stars. The effects of black holes at the heart of galaxies are so enigmatic that no known physics theory can explain them. And the center of your mind includes the universe’s most astounding creation which is the conscious thought currently residing in your head. Humanity's finest creations are also centers. Seek them out in the form of goodness, kindness, love, and gratitude. Learn about them in the greatest of art, poetry, literature, philosophy, and religion. They are the heart and soul of man’s collective psyche and some of the greatest creations the universe has to offer.

9. Centers Connect Things
Our lives are highly intertwined with all other things, through shared centers, in our bodies, through mankind, in our relationship with the planet, and connections far away in time and space. We're not only a part of a family, a neighborhood, a township, a city, a state, and a nation; all of which are interconnected by the core values and symbols that unite them; but we're also deeply connected to every other human who has ever lived, is living, or will live through the common DNA that resides in the heart of each of our cells, providing us with highly similar minds, bodies, and experiences. Moving beyond man's realm, we realize that we are each and all currently connected to the gravitational center at the planet's core. In addition, we discover that the entire food chain is tied to our central sun, which powers plants and thus animal life through the nourishing, life giving energy it emits. And we are all inextricably linked by the minute point in space and time that we, along with the rest of the universe, shared at the Big Bang 14 billion years ago. Once we understand how centers interconnect, we better understand how our lives are structured, interconnected, and how we fit into the larger schemes of the universe.

10. Centers Organize Our Lives
You are a child of the universe. There isn't anything more, and there isn't anything less. It formed you in every aspect—body, mind, and life. You are its product, and as such, you are subject to its laws and, especially as it relates to this discussion, its creative process. As a result, like other natural creations, your existence begins from, is perpetuated by, and culminates at centers. What are the command centers that guide our daily activities and routines? There are many. They are our life' innumerable beginnings and starts. New thoughts, experiences, interactions, and initiatives, for example. They're also our mental centers of wants, needs, and desires. All dew drop-like seeds of the universe that once formed, blossom into the larger creations of our being—our relationships, houses, families, the furnishings and products we buy, the memories we form in others, and our epitaph. They reflect the disposition of their maker—that is, you. That being who you are deep down inside— what you believe in and what you hold as dear and important. Use CenterLife to optimize your centers so that your life’s larger elements are as well- formed, balanced, and as joyful as possible!
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