Your Life is Structured in the Same Fashion as Nature's Creations

Discover the Centers of Your Life!

Know the centers of life, and how to enhance them, to bring benefits to your larger life!

  • You’re a child of the universe. No more, no less. It created you in your entirety—your body, mind, and life.
  • You are its product and are therefore subject to its laws and, especially relevant to this discussion—its creative process.
  • Thus, like all creations in nature your life begins at, is perpetuated by, and culminates at centers.
  • What are these control centers guiding our day-to-day routines?
  • All dew drop-like seeds of the universe that once formed, grow into the larger creations of our being—our relationships, houses, families, the furnishings and products we buy, destinies, and the memories we form in others.
  • They are many...

Here is a partial listing of the centers that run and manage our lives!

  • Organ System Centers: Mind, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, etc.
  • Beginnings and Starts: New thoughts, experiences, interactions, and initiatives.
  • Physical Centers: Primal needs such as air, food, water, shelter, and wellbeing.
  • Emotional Centers: Emotional needs for companionship, family, bonding, and love.
  • Social Centers: Family, Group activities, sports, etc.
  • Intellectual Centers: Thoughts, acquire knowledge, gain wisdom, etc.
  • Wants and Desire Centers: Hobbies, trinkets, and new IT gadgets, etc.
  • Dream Centers: Vacations, Dream House and Car, etc.
  • Spiritual Centers: Need for meaning, connection to something larger than ourselves, a divine presence, and relationship with nature.

Let The Seven Paths show you how to nurture the key, seven centers of your life!

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