Centerlife Mandalas


Use the wisdom of nature's Mandalas to align and uplift your life!

Your Perfect Mandala

Spherical Mandalas

Put the perfection of spheres to work in your life!

The Brawn of Branching

Arterial Branching Mandalas

Discover the mysteries of the universe--and your life, through branching systems

Wheels Within Wheels

Concentric Circle Mandalas

Use the power of concentric circles to positively influence your surroundings

Spiralling Into Control

Spiral Mandalas

Use the balance of spirals to find peace...and find your direction

A Mandala Stream

A Mandala Poem

Use this lovely Mandala poem to set you on your way

Sand Symbolism

Use Sand Mandalas to Naturally Ascend

Check out this fabulous site to find ways to use Sacred Geometry to uplift your wellbeing

Radiant Radials

The Power of Radial Connectivity

Discover how centers control creations through their radial connectivity

Keeping it Together

The Binding Power of Clusters

Learn how clusters bind things together into larger, cohesive wholes

You at the Center

You...The Mandala

Produce a great Mandala--i.e. your life, through a strong 'you' at its core

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