Learn What Centering Is!!

Centering is Far More Than Meditation. It's How Nature and Our Lives are Created and Structured!

Centering is the Coordinated Motion About a Center

While most associate the act of centering with the focusing one’s thoughts, the process of centering is much more common than most realize. In fact our minds and lives unfold in centering arrangements in practically everything we do, say, think, and undertake.

This is in fact, a very natural result. As children of a universe which creates by gathering and accumulating things about an originating center—i.e. unfolds in a centering process, we should expect that the activities of our lives unfold in similar fashion.

Thus as sure as rivers ‘center’ to mouths, salmon return to their spawning grounds, and metabolic processes are perpetuated by DNA at the core of cells, the acts of our lives too feature a coordinated ‘centering’ motion to and about central cognitive functions, needs , wants, desires, and purposes!


  • We center every time we group around leaders, turn our heads towards a commotion in public, or we rally behind a cause.
  • Our minds relish in the ‘thrill’ of centering when awaiting the outcomes of movies, sporting events, and a joke’s punchline.
  • We center when gathering food and preparing a meal.
  • We undergo a process of centering every time we arrive at conclusions, work to deadlines, and complete planned activities (i.e. we work in tasks and goals).
  • We are pursuing a path of centering whenever we seek to uncover mysteries and secrets.
  • Every time we recall a memory we are capitalizing on the centering process of memory which organizes hosts of activities about a single and central, memento-like image.
  • It’s why we tend to focus on one thing at a time. This is called ‘selective attention’ which magician’s use to their advanatage.
  • Every time we pick something up or change our location we are in fact centering (i.e. our entire body is moving in coordinated fashion about a single and central target).
  • Every time we write and speak we are effortlessly structuring our words about central subjects and the central point we are trying to convey.
  • It’s also the unending draw we feel to uncover our life’s purpose and destiny.
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