Boost Your EMOTIONAL CENTERS Towards Greater Well Being and a Happier Life

Discover the importance of your relationship with your heart and how it’s strength largely equates to the health of your emotions and general wellbeing. Heartpath shows you how to reconnect with your heart and use her timeless wisdom to naturally uplift and enhance your emotional wellbeing freeing you up to live life more joyfully and to pursue ever higher plateaus of experience.

  • The Main Goal of Heartpath: Set Your Heart Free!
  • The Benefits of Heartpath: You Stand to Gain Emotional Stability, Greater Happiness, and Inspire Others
  • What are the Centers of Heartpath? Your Emotional Centers—Your Heart
  • Path to Achieve Heartpath: Pack Purity into Your Emotional Centers. Reconnect with Your Heart.
  • Hearthpath Gem of Contemplation: Red Ruby

To heal your life, you will need to reconnect with your heart. Your heart is like all other things in nature—it is full of good energy and seeks out positive, enduring, balanced, and collaborative relationships. It intuitively knows the solution to all your challenges and the answers you seek.

By getting back in touch with your heart and listening to her, you will become emotionally stable, look at the world in a more positive light, and become happier.

To live from your heart, you need to begin listening to her again. As a start you can do this through simply paying more attention to your gut feelings, initial reactions, and waking thoughts and also through living more spontaneously and trusting yourself and your intuition. You also do it through nurturing natural qualities of heart in yourself including sharing, caring, loving, and giving.

By strengthening your heart, you build a pure and solid anchor from which your emotional life flourishes with confidence, rightness, and positivity; setting the stage for a larger life of peace, harmony, and love.

You will also need to fill your emotional centers with purer and more wholesome contents–i.e. undertake activities and surround yourself with better people and experiences to promote purifying your heart.

Heartpath Practices

Heartpath living begins by practicing the following, general heart practices. For those looking for a more detailed and structured approach to living life truly from the heart, you should download the Heartpath Worksheets/Action Plans at the link below.

  1. Discover the true nature of the universe. Discover that in the bosom of all things includes a pure and powerful center. A golden heart.
  2. Realize this is the true nature of yourself. Seek out and set free your golden heart (for items 1 and 2, use Heart of Gold as your guide).
  3. Pack purity into your emotional centers by loving yourself, focusing more on the true positivity of life versus the trivial and negative, and  adopting goodness and rightness as your modus operandi.
  4. Take up activities to cultivate the way of the heart. Spend more time in nature and with truly gentle souls. Fill your house with heartening things such as uplifting music and more plants, artwork, comfortable furniture, and warmer colors.
  5. Practice habits of the heart including being more receptive, warm, patient, sharing, loving sharing, forgiving, giving more than you take, etc. etc.
  6. Begin listening to, reconnecting with, and following your heart.
  7. Slow your life, make more time to reconnect with your heart, address past pain, and take a heart course such as Yoga or Reiki.
  8. Read the Heartpath Mantra at the link below on a regular basis to realign and refresh your heart focus.
  9. Download the Heartpath Worksheets and Action Plans at the links below.
  10. Enjoy the benefits of living from your heart!

Heartpath Mantra

Detailed Heartpath Worksheets/Action Plans