Reconnect with Your Heart and Elevate Your Emotional Well Being

Discover the importance of your relationship with your heart and how it’s strength largely equates to the health of your emotions and general wellbeing. Heartpath shows you how to reconnect with your heart and use her timeless wisdom to naturally uplift and enhance your emotional wellbeing freeing you up to live life more joyfully and to pursue ever higher plateaus of experience.

  • The Centers of Focus: The Emotional Centers of Your Life
  • The Path to These Goals: Reconnect with Your Heart to Gain Emotional Stability and Greater Happiness
  • Associated Precious Gem: Red Ruby

To heal your life, you will need to reconnect with your heart. Your heart is like all other things in nature—it is full of good energy and seeks out positive, enduring, balanced, and collaborative relationships. It intuitively knows the solution to all your challenges and the answers you seek.

By getting back in touch with your heart and listening to her, you will become emotionally stable, look at the world in a more positive light, and become happier.

To live from your heart, you need to begin listening to her again. As a start you can do this through simply paying more attention to your gut feelings, initial reactions, and waking thoughts and also through living more spontaneously and trusting yourself and your intuition. You also do it through nurturing natural qualities of heart in yourself including sharing, caring, loving, and giving.

By strengthening your heart, you build a pure and solid anchor from which your emotional life flourishes with confidence, rightness, and positivity; setting the stage for a larger life of peace, harmony, and love.

Heartpath living begins by following these steps. Be sure to also complete the Heartpath worksheets below to map out your plan to enhance and purify the emotional centers of your life.

  1. Discover the true nature of the universe. Discover that in the bosom of all things includes a pure and powerful center. A golden heart.
  2. Realize this is the true nature of yourself. Seek out and set free your golden heart (use Heart of Gold as your guide).
  3. Begin listening more than you speak.
  4. Give more than you take.
  5. Be open and receptive.
  6. Try new things and be spontaneous.
  7. Begin listening to your heart again.
  8. Reconnect with your heart.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of living from your heart.

Heartpath Worksheet

Use the following worksheet to help purify the emotional centers of your life. Or download all worksheets (in .pdf format) from this file:  Seven Pillars of Centerlife – Worksheets.

Goal Current State Future State Action Plan Target Date for Implementation Remarks/Actual Progress
I want to discover the Heart in All Things I am currently unaware of structure of nature and the pure and powerful center at the heart of all things I want to be knowledgeable of the pure and powerful center at the heart of all things 1.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Gold or Seven Paths to Power

2.       Study Nature. Use Encyclopedia Centerpath as your guide


1. 1.
I want to listen my  Heart I currently don’t listen to my heart. I instead live my life based on society’s agendas I want to live more freely, intuitively, and spontaneously having learned to listen to and follow the natural wisdom of one’s heart 1.       Keep a journal by your side. As worries, decisions, and conflicts arise; record what your first reaction was. Evaluate that reaction and follow if the best path

2.       Ask your heart what it wants and sketch out a path to realize that desire.

3.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Gold or Seven Paths to Power


1. 1.
I want to reconnect with my  Heart I lack a relationship with my heart I want to be in touch with my heart and its pure intention 1.       Read Jin’s book Awaken


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