Purify Your Thought centers to increase perspective and peace of mind

Through Virutepath, discover the all-important link between the quality of your life and the quality of your thoughts. Virtuepath teaches that our thoughts are just as real as anything else in the universe, and like seedlings they take root, sprout, and grow; and that their originating DNA is passed to all things that follow—that is to say our thoughts grow into something permanent and progressively larger. Virtuepath provides fresh new insights toward developing better quality thoughts toward uplifting and optimizing your life.

  • The Main Goal of Virtuepath: To Improve the Quality of Your Thoughts
  • The Benefits of Virtuepath: Acquire a Clearer, More Peaceful, and Constructive Vision of Your Life and the World
  • What are the Centers of Virtuepath? Your Thought Centers
  • Path to Achieve Virtuepath: Pack Purity into Your Thought Centers
  • Virtuepath Gem of Contemplation: Clear Quartz

Be careful what you wish for—your thoughts are very real and once thought will take up space in the universe—they are here to stay.

In many ways they are like magic beans. Once you think them, they take root and sprout. They become permanent fixtures that grow into larger-and-larger organisms. Thus, over the course of time you will have to progressively tend to them, interact with them, and address all they produce. If they are virtuous thoughts you will gladly nurture, support, and grow them into something even more gorgeous, meaningful, and enduring.

Likewise, if the seeds you plant are uninspired, mean, reckless, or greedy; you will reap what you have sown. Pesky and thorny weeds which undermine your very foundation and livelihood. You will have to waste exceptional energies tending to them and may have to eventually uproot them. All the while sapping your energy, wasting your life experience, and possibly damaging your reputation.

To optimize the condition of your larger life, you than need to optimize the very character of your thoughts. Thus, cleanse your mind and thoughts. Think good, proper, and pure thoughts and watch your life grow into something real, right, and possibly colossal.

Virtuepath Practices

Cultivate positive thought habits through practicing the following, general thought enhancing practices. For those looking for a more detailed and structured approach to elevating your thoughts, you should download the Virtuepath Implementation Worksheet.

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