Boost The Physical Centers of your life for Greater Health and Fitness

Discover the physical centers of your life and learn how through their purification, your general health and fitness will naturally be improved and uplifted. From such solid foundations, you have set the stage to build healthier emotional, intellectual, and spiritual states of being.

  • The Main Goal of Wellpath: Get Your Health in Order!
  • The Benefits of Wellpath: Feel Better and Your Well Being!
  • What are the Centers of Wellpath? Your Physical Centers of Health, Air, Water, Food, and Sleep
  • Path to Achieve Wellpath: Pack Purity into Your Physical Centers
  • Wellpath Gem of Contemplation: Blue Sapphire

In order begin elevating your general state of being, you’ll need to first establish a firm foundation from which to grow the larger elements of your life. This process starts through ensuring the physical centers of your life are strong and well-formed—i.e. your health is in good order. To do this, you will need to develop good and proper habits—you will need to walk a path toward wellness.

Like all things in nature, the larger creation is defined by the character and makeup of its originating center. Thus, to build more wellness into your larger life, you need to ensure the physical centers of your life are packed with the purest and most wholesome stuff possible and your overall health, and larger life will naturally flourish.

How to go about this transformation is to upgrade the quality of your food, water, air, home, sleep, and how you spend your time as well as setting reasonable expectations for yourself.

General Wellpath Practices

Follow these general Wellpath steps to enhance your health. For those looking for a more detailed and structured approach to purifying the physical centers of your life, you should download the Wellpath Worksheets/Action Plans at the link below.

  1. Purify your Air Center by purchasing an air filter/purifier, humidifier, and high efficiency vacuum cleaner.
  2. Purify your Water Center by adding a water filter, water conditioner, and by reducing usage.
  3. Purify your Food Center by avoiding fast foods, junk food, and frozen foods as well as freshly preparing your food, going organic, and buying local. Minimize your meat intake and the use of supplements and instead eat more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and legumes.
  4. Purify your Body Center by walking every day, exercising 3-5 days per week, stretching regularly, getting a yearly health examination, and reducing bad habits.
  5. Purify your Sleep Center by buying good pillows and a mattress, removing all electronics from your bedroom, keeping light out, taking naps, and following healthy sleep patterns.
  6. Purify your Earth Center by using less, reusing, and recycling. Bike instead of driving, start a garden and compost, buy locally.
  7. Read the Welltpath Mantra below on a regular basis to realign and refresh your health focus.
  8. Download the Wellpath Worksheets and Action Plans at the links below.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of great health!

Wellpath Mantra

Detailed Wellpath Worksheets/Action Plans