Boost Your Social Centers TO Improve Your Relationships

Socialpath reteaches the overriding important of others to our wellbeing. That through helping others, we help ourselves. Socialpath accelerates this process through exposing the powerful ‘flocking’ centers that drive much of how we behave day-to-day. Through such an understanding we become better equipped to positively influence our interactions with others. We are also afforded the joy associated with helping, inspiring, and uplifting others as well as thanking those that have helped us on our journey.

  • The Centers of Focus: The Social (or Flock) Centers of Your Life
  • The Path to These Goals: Improve Yourself Through Helping Others
  • Associated Precious Gem: Yellow Citron

We’re not alone and have never been. We’re brought into this world by others, raised and nurtured by them, educated and socialized by them, and are continuously supported by countless others. We have a genuine responsibility to help others and in doing so, begin to repay the debt we owe the myriad that that have helped us. The great mystic Rumi went as far as stating “our main purpose in this life is to serve others”.

To begin helping others, we need to first better understand ourselves. We need to appreciate just how deeply our shared DNA unites us, makes us so very similar deep at our core—makes us human. We also need to understand the common, tribe-like centers of mind that drive so much of our behaviors. Strong flock-like clusters of mind that are strongly interconnected with powerful emotional centers such as empathy, loving, kindness, and compassion. It’s no wonder we all share the desire to bond and help others; we are hardwired to do so.

To become a better person and help others more, take up some of the following habits (be sure to complete the Socialpath worksheets below to map out your plan to improve your relationships and help your fellow man).

  1. You first need to understand just how deeply you are intertwined with the rest of humanity (see this VDO as a start).
  2. Spend quality time with family and friends to understand their challenges and offer help where you can.
  3. Share your knowledge and wisdom of the world and how life works with others.
  4. Coach children on the importance of helping others.
  5. Donate some of your money to good causes.
  6. Give your time to a worthy cause.
  7. To learn more about what true compassion looks like, study the words of the likes of Ghandi and Mother Theresa.
  8. Enjoy helping others and thereby, the universe at large.

Socialpath Worksheet

Use the following worksheet to purify the social elements of your life. Or download all worksheets (in .pdf format) from this file:  Seven Pillars of Centerlife – Worksheets.

Goal Current State Future State Action Plan Target Date for Implementation Remarks/Actual Progress
I want to understand what Social Centers are I am currently unaware of what social centers are I want to develop an understanding of what social centers are, where they reside, and how they emerge 1.       Read Jin’s book Encyclopedia Centerpath (especially Chapter 5) 1. 1.
I want to understand just how deeply I am intertwined with the rest of humanity I largely feel unconnected with others and don’t see much value in fostering such connections I want to understand my deep interconnectivity with others and the importance of our shared humanity 1.       See this VDO

2.       Read Jin’s book Heart of Universe to realize how deeply all things are interconnected, including humans

1. 1.
I want to help others I currently spend little time helping others or see little value in it I want to take action to help others 1.       Spend more time with and helping family and friends

2.       Share your knowledge of the world and life with others

3.       Coach children on the importance of helping others

4.       Give your time to a worthy cause Donate some of your money to good causes

5.       To truly understand the full value in helping others, study the words and lives of Ghandi and Mother Theresa

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