If you want to attain a one of life’s crowning—true wisdom, you need to build a deeper understanding of nature and how the world works. Wisepath accelerates the pathway to higher planes of wisdom through exposing the common pattern underlying all things. Coming to see the unity all things share, you quickly build a dialogue with nature and thereby deeper understandings of how nature and your life work. Ultimately gaining knowledge that transcends mankind on your path to higher wisdom and a richer experience.

  • The Main Goal of Sagepath: Become Wise!
  • The Benefits of Sagepath: Wisdom Brings Untold Pleasures of Perspective, Knowledge and Mastery!
  • What are the Centers of Sagepath? Filling Your Wisdom Center with the Purest and Most Powerful Works of Humanity Available
  • Path to Achieve Sagepath: Fill Your Spare Time with Studying and Contemplating Humanity’s Greatest Works
  • Sagepath Gem of Contemplation: Pearl

Gaining true wisdom is one of the greatest mountains we can ascend in life. True wisdom allows us to see the world as it truly is and adopt a broader view, longer-term perspective, and enjoy the bliss of better understanding what life is all about.

However, gaining wisdom doesn’t come easy. Like climbing any mountain, it takes work, time, and real effort. You have to earn wisdom and there is no quicker path to gaining it than through gaining a deeper understanding of the true nature of being.

To build such an awareness, you need to study the world to understand how it organizes itself, functions, and is interrelated. This process can be accelerated through seeking out and understanding the center of all things. In nature, biology, your life, in society, and in the cosmos—coming to know what organizes and perpetuates all things is the first step toward seeing the unity of all and building a wider awareness.

Truthpath will guide you from the valley of unawareness and to the light of knowing through fostering the following habits. Be sure to also complete the Truthpath worksheets below to help purify the thought centers of your life.

Sagepath General Practices

To elevate your wisdom, take up the following general habits. For those looking for a more detailed and structured approach to improving your wisdom, you should download the Sagepath Worksheets/Action Plans at the link below.

  1. Recognize that in order to gain greater knowledge, a wider perspective, and to master of the world, you need to study mankind’s greatest, most beautiful, and enduring works of humanity.
  2. Begin by better understanding how the world works, is organized, and unfolds which is through studying nature directly and studying Centerlife.
  3. Learn how the core of nature’s creations contain their most powerful entities through studying Centerlife.
  4. Discover that mankind also has her own raging infernos. They are her masterworks that endure the test of time due to their purity, power, beauty, heart, and creative integrity.
  5. Dig deeply into great literature, science, music, art, and fashion.
  6. Contemplate life’s biggest questions, stretch the limits of your mind, and train your brain through various online Apps.
  7. Seek the truth, introspect, be patient, keep a broad view, and emphasize with others
  8. Read the Sagepath Mantra (at the link below) on a regular basis to realign and refresh your people focus.
  9. Download the Sagepath Worksheets and Action Plans at the links below.
  10. Enjoy your newfound wisdom and the untold joys it brings.

Sagepath Mantra

Detailed Sagepath Worksheet/Action Plans