All of nature and our lives share a common underlying pattern. A sacred, center-oriented geometry permeating the cosmos (learn more here). Once you learn this pattern, in essence a language of geometry, you gain a means to engage and connect with nature, and thereby grow your spirituality.

So, print out the forms in this link, get into nature, and use nature’s language to progressively get closer to her, increase your spirituality, and build more meaning in your life!

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EXCERPT FROM MY SITE ON NATURE’S LANGUAGE: Like human language, which is comprised of symbols and pattern, nature’s patterns of creation form a language we can use to communicate with her. This is indeed very significant. A language to communicate with nature affords us a means to engage and communicate with her. To build a dialogue, relationship, and deeper connection with her all big steps towards better understanding the world and thereby raising one’s spiritual quotient. Use this pdf wonderful worksheet to learn nature’s language! My recommendation is to print the files out and study them during walks in nature.