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Jin's Ground Breaking New Course on Developing a Deep Spiritual Thru a Deep Connection with Nature

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NaturePath - Building a Deeper Spirituality Thru Nature

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  • All Seven of Jin's Wonderful E-Book's
  • Jin's Online Course "NaturePath - Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature"
  • Bonus - Gain Access to Jin's Three Kid's Books

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Jin's Seven Books (I.e., All of His Centerlife and Centerpath Books)

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Jin's books hold 'The Wisdom of the Universe' and incredible insights to build more spirituality, meaning, and bliss in your life!

OnLine Course - NaturePath - Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature

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The first practical and effective means to grow more meaning and spirituality in your life!

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Jin’s kid’s books provide great insights to life and growing up. A true delight to parents and children alike!

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  • Learn Specific Steps to Build More Spirituality in Your Life
  • Gain More Meaning and a Sense of Purpose in Your Life
  • Receive New Insights to Life's Biggest Questions (e.g. Do We Have a Soul? Does God Exist?, etc.)
  • Discover How Nature Spontaneously Generates Harmony and How You Can in Your Life
  • Use Nature's Mandalas to Help Guide Your Life
  • Glean the Intimate Interconnectivity You Share With All Things
  • Recognize the Single Pattern Underlying All Creations Including Your Life!
  • Discover the Common Rhythm Underlying All of Nature and Life

Here's What People Are Saying

Reviews Say it All!

5/5 Star Rating - A crash course on integrating environmental awareness into our everyday lives. Ideally suited for spiritual seekers who love the natural world. Bahora takes the circle of life concept to a whole new level. Really enjoyed the upbeat tone of the presentation and the visuals were beautiful.

James Divine

5/5 Star Rating - The CenterPath/Nature Path course has accelerated not only my spiritual life, but all of my life. One connection leads to another and I am overjoyed.

Kathleen Bishoff

5/5 Star Rating - This experience was profound in its connection to patterns, showing us how we are all part of the universe. It opened my eyes to look deeper and recognize that connection. The presentation was intelligent and the visual was beautiful. A unique and effective approach to seeing and becoming aware.

Janet Brookmeyer

5/5 Star Rating - I have never seen a course like this. It's ideas and systems are unique, I like. I have already started working on some of the new ideas on how to be more spiritual and will practice more of this going forward. The language to talk with nature is seriously cool.

Hemp Johnson

5/5 Star Rating - The first two sections on nature and life were super insightful. I’ve had a lot of these thoughts but could never articulate them. This helps sow up a lot of gaps in my understanding. My favorites were The Questions to Life section and the section on nature’s language.

Rebecca Coronado

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Are You Ready to Ascend?

Do You Want to Connect with 'Something Larger Than Yourself'?

Learn Nature's Language and Connect With Her

Do You Want More Meaning in Your Life?

Once you realize the universe's gifts all her creations with beauty, balance, and holism, you have a firm basis to grow meaning in your life

About Jin

Described as one of today's most profound and insightful spiritual teacher, through Jin's teachings you stand to raise your spirituality to levels never imagined!

Jin Nua
Author, mystic, man of nature. Ever since his spiritual awakening in 1998, Jin's been ascending higher planes of understanding and experience. Centerlife forms the practice-based element of his overall Centerpath formulization. Check out his many books designed to help you better understand nature, the cosmos, mankind, and your life.
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