10 Ways Purity Can Change Your Life


Nature, like all great spiritual and religious traditions that have followed in her footsteps, instills purity in all her starting points to ensure that the overall creation is equally well-balanced and well-formed.

Continuing in this mighty tradition, use this modern day Centerlife equivalent to discover fresh and practical means to employ purity to uplift and enhance your life!

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10 Ways Purity Can Change Your Life

“The body, she says, is subject to the force of gravity. But the soul is ruled by levity, pure.”― Saul Bellow

The universe owes her success in the ways of creation to embedding purity in her points of inception. Nature is extremely wise in this way. It is exactly this quality that drives intricate snowflakes to form from single molecules, stars to emerge from point-sized gravitational centers, and highly complex organisms, such as you and I to emerge from a single cell.

The fantastic news is that this condition extends to our everyday lives! When we inject purity into the beginning points of our lives, what follows will be similarly beautiful and well-formed.

To create a life of enchantment and happiness use the following tips to embed more purity into the centers and starting points of your life! Let Centerlife show you how to build a more balanced, wholesome, and beautiful life by simply instilling virtue and goodness into all the starting points of the mini-universe of your life.

1. Know Purity!

To put purity to good use, you need to first refresh your understanding of what it is and how it manifests. Examine the following and work to incorporate them into every aspect of your life!

• Pureness

• Genuineness

• Wholesomeness

• Truthfulness

• Virtuousness

• Balance

• Fairness

• Being Equitable

• Being Rightful

• Being True to Your Heart

• Loving and Kind

2. Start with Virtuous Intention

The importance of points of inception cannot be overstated. This is due to the fact that the character and content of points of origin influence and shape the larger creation emerging about them. In a very real sense, what is created is a direct reflection of its creator!What are the key moments of inception that we need to focus on? They are our thoughts, reactions, interactions, choices, words, and actions: little moments of glory planting the seeds for ever more glorious things to follow.

Thus, as you go about your life day-to-day, ensure degrees of excellence in the things you create—i.e. the strength and quality of your relationships, the impressions and lasting memories you leave on others, your reputation, and the character of your children; by beginning all things virtuously and with pure intentions.

3. Follow Your Heart

Our hearts are a limitless source of innocence. They encourage us to do the right things and approach life and relationships in a balanced manner. As a result, simply reconnecting with and listening to your heart naturally brings more goodness and happiness. Cultivate a heart of gold and witness your life fill up with golden treasures in the form of smiles, connection, sharing, goodness, and respect.

4. Cultivate Pure Thoughts

Cleansing one’s thoughts has many advantages, including increased clarity, concentration, and peace of mind. Use techniques like meditation, yoga, introspection, and constructive thinking to improve the quality of your thoughts and begin living a more peaceful life.

5. Make More Love

A hallmark of the universe’s success derives from the symmetric relationships generated by pure centers. Indeed, it’s precisely from condition she’s able to effortlessly raise her mighty, symmetrically arranged creations of atoms, cells, planets, and galaxies.

As a deeply pure emotion, unconditional love, produces symmetric relationships in human interactions. Consider why this is the case for a moment. True love is supportive and doesn’t attempt to change or push others around. Instead, it produces smooth, undisturbed relationships, which are a telltale sign of the geometries that surround pure centers. Such an environment fosters open, sharing, and trusting relationships. Thus infuse love into everything you do, and you will discover happy and loving relationships—the kind of life we all crave.

6. Study Religion

Great religions recognize the beauty and goodness of being and creation, as well as the brilliance of a Great Creator who could have created such a marvel. Great religions are founded on these values, and have established rituals and structures to emulate this state of being, primarily by emphasizing the importance of purity and integrity at one’s core. Thus take the time to study faith to help you live a more harmonious, happy, and divine filled life.

7. Study Centers

What better way to learn how to use purity than by understanding how nature utilizes pure centers at her points of creation? Understanding the character of center purity and how that condition affects the larger creation forming about it, provides invaluable insights how our lives are largely defined by the centers of our being.

Study how the ideal balance between neutrons and protons keeps atoms stable, how DNA creates highly complex and nuanced species, and how gravity and fusion are perfectly balanced at the heart of our sun.

8. Create Symmetry

Symmetrically formed creations have a number of beneficial characteristics, including being more balanced, elegant, holistic, and collaborative. They also have a better chance of surviving over time and in different situations because of their stability.

The success in creating symmetrical creations begins with evenly rounded, central starting points. Consider this: a pure object is more uniformly arranged, and this uniformity will be present in all directions. Impurities will disturb this evenness, causing the symmetry of the field surrounding it, and thus the evolving development, to be distorted.

If you want to reap the benefits of symmetry in your life, you must follow nature’s lead and inject purity into all of your life’s centers and starting points.

9. The Ultimate Source

To better comprehend the concept of ultimate purity—and the genius of a Great Creator who used it to create our world—we must consider the relationship between the current state of our universe and its inception.

Creations, as we learned from the Law of Creation above, represent the state of their creator. As a result, the universe we live in today should represent its origins, which is widely believed to be the moment of the Big Bang 14 billion-years ago.

So, what is the current state of the universe? It’s one of copious order and harmony being packed with symmetric, orderly, holistic, and enduring creations at all scales of being! Thus it comes as no surprise when we find cosmologists whom believe the condition of the Big Bang was absolutely pure! Our universe today is largely perfect because it’s beginning pureness carried froward to all things that followed.

10. Instill Purity into All You Create!

In this life and in every moment fill your heart, mind, body, and soul with purity—copious, brimming streams of virtuous and kindness. Bathe every breath, thought, plan, action, interaction, ‘design’, want, hope, dream, desire, decision, and choice in its fountain of goodness. Sprinkle purity over all the spaces and places of your life; your home, family, career, and relationships.

Install purity deep at the core of your being. It’s radiating golden rays of love will create universes of beauty, balance, and harmony about you. Put little orbs of purity in what you create and thereby give the larger associations of your life the best possible start. Each creation perfect and loving, resonating within and throughout all things. Pots of gold at the end of your rainbows.

Becoming more wholesome, well-formed, and living life blissfully; a mind, soul, and heart filled with good and positive intent is indeed an existence filled with more of the same enchanted things. Fill the hearts of others, the world, and the universe with its greatest gifts.

Become a shining beacon, a perfect fixture of love and goodness glowing brightly throughout eternity. Give all you can and be the best you can, and by so doing, doing the work God intended.By practicing these purity techniques on a regular basis, your life will become progressively calmer, more peaceful, and happier.

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Jin’s been ascending higher spiritual planes since his spiritual awakening in 1998. He’s written six spiritual books based on his Centerpath formulization including a full life practice entitled Centerlife. He is recognized as a leader in understanding and applying nature’s harmony-generating wisdom to human lives.

His unique mystical insights, supplemented by his engineering background and extensive international travels, positions Jin as one of today’s most sought out spiritual teachers.

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