I was honoured again to speak at the “International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology” which occurred on 13-Mar-2021 (my presentation can be viewed at the following link):

Even though virtual this year, the conference was a rousing success on many levels!

A big hat’s off to organizers for hosting such a meaningful and highly successful conference. Spirituality and psychology remain the most significant disciplines towards improving the human condition thus this forum is of utmost significance and the !


In addition to supporting the organizers as a committee member I will also joined as a panel speaker for the panel discussion which can be viewed at this link:


My responses to the questions posed in the panel discussion, can be viewed at the following VDO times.

01:22 – 02:03 – Introduction of the panellists

16:34 – 18:30 – How to reconnect to one’s spiritual self?

35:31 – 37:43 – What is spirituality?

52:41 – 55:40 – Tell us about Centerlife?

1:07:18 – 1:09:59 – How can one improve their creativity?

1:15:00 – 1:16:37 – How to maintain one’s ‘spiritual momentum’ following the conference?

1:24:24 – 1:25:00 – Can you provide some resources to study spirituality?

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Author, mystic, man of nature. Ever since his spiritual awakening in 1998, Jin's been ascending higher planes of understanding and experience. Centerlife forms the practice-based element of his overall Centerpath formulization. Check out his many books designed to help you better understand nature, the cosmos, mankind, and your life.