From Flat to Spherical


Hold the press! Cosmologist have just rewritten a colossal part of their history books!

Whereas they’ve believed the universe was ‘flat’ for decades, recent findings caused them to firmly shift their belief that it’s not flat, but instead shaped as a sphere! See this article ( New Research Suggests that the Universe is a Sphere and Not Flat After All – Universe Today )

But alas, we already knew the universe was spherical in shape! As Centerpath clearly states—the universe’s creative process produces creations with a halo-like form, i.e. spheres. This is a natural result—such creations formed from an originating powerful center (see this link for a refresher

Thus, it’s no surprise finding that the Mother of all Centers—i.e. the Big Bang itself, created the universe in the shape of a sphere!

And the pattern applies to everything! Atoms, cells, planets, solar systems, societies, and your life.

Learn to live the power of perfect, spherically formed symmetry in your life!

Let Centerlife show you how!