Dial Into Nature and Become More at Peace


How to bring more peace and happiness into our lives?

Spend more time in nature beast!

See the excerpt below for details but best to visit my webpage by clicking on the “Dial into Nature” icon at https://centerlife.center/centerlife-toolbox/you-in-nature/

The following provides steps to get closer to nature through the practice of simply sitting with and studying her. Through faithfully following this routine you will develop feeling of peace, well-being, deep contentment, and potentially even bliss.

Practice the following as often as you can (at least 2-3 times a week) over an extended period of time (at least six months). Over the course of time you’ll find it easier-and-easier to dial into nature so be patient and most importantly, enjoy the greatest marvel on earth…nature herself!

1. Plan for at least 2 hours in nature (excluding travel time to your destination). Make sure to pack the things you will need to be comfortable (water, snacks, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a mat, etc.).

2. Bring a phone but put it on silence and place it out of sight.

3. Best results usually come from being by yourself however sharing with others is also perfectly acceptable.

4. Go into the woods, a pasture, a valley, a park, or a hill.

5. Find a comfortable and quiet spot and sit. Walking on a trail is also a good way to practice dialing in.

6. Relax, breath easily.

7. Sit and gaze at the surroundings.

8. Stare at the interwoven tapestry of plants and trees about you.

9. Consider their subtle varieties and nuances.

10. Soak up the bright, almost ‘loud’ colors of its leaves and flowers.

11. Through the limitless shades of green, recognize this as a window to understanding infinity.

12. Everything looks in place and where it should be—like a perfect scene. Even if you added one thing or took away one thing, it would still look perfect.

13. Listen to what’s going on about you. Let your eyes wonder with sights and sounds.

14. Study the shapes of the plants. Stunning radials, branches, and spirals everywhere.

15. Contemplate why the various parts and pieces of plants start and stop. What makes a plant decide to start a new branch? Why does a bud suddenly emerge and flower? What tells a leaf to start growing and stop growing in a new direction.

16. Take your time—you are not in a hurry.

17. Over 5-10 minutes time, you will begin to feel more relaxed as you dial into your surroundings.

18. The goal here is to slow down time and tune in with the mosaic of nature surrounding you.

19. Stay as long as you can or feel comfortable doing.

20. When you are complete, say a little prayer of gratitude to be able to experience, and be a part of, the miracle of being all about us.