What Will Be Your Big Bang in 2019?


All things begin from small and pure places which ultimately grow into something immense and meaningful.

All starts are Big Bangs in their own right.

Our colossal-sized universe earned this title when it began from a minute-sized point over 14 billion years ago.

It’s the same thing when snowflakes form (which is when a single molecule freezes in the midst of a winter storm).

Internet icons grow into millions of followers from the originating thoughts of a single person.

You and I as well—all beginning from a single cell that grew into a highly sophisticated and interlinked organism boasting 32.7 billion cells!

What will your Big Bang be in 2019?

  • A new health initiative?
  • Starting a new hobby like writing poetry, sketching, or developing a book?
  • A new devotion to better understanding nature and being?
  • Being a kinder and gentler soul?
  • Starting a family?
  • Getting closer to god?

Write out your big bang goal today, steadily work toward it, and watch it grow into something colossal in 2019!