“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato.

When posed with the question “who are the people you remember most?” most people answer in the same fashion. Most say it is those that were kind to themselves and others that they remember most. And this is a natural result—our minds recognize kindness and aspire to it because kindness reflects the universe’s intrinsic disposition to generate purity and balance in all she creates. Since we are children of the universe it’s natural we recognize the intrinsic goodness of kindness.

Another great motivator to be kind real-time is the ‘end of cycle’ benefits you stand to gain. This is because the one thing those in their golden years say they wish they had applied more in their life is being kind. They wish they had been a better person and the conduit to that mountaintop was being more kind!

If these two reasons aren’t enough for you to reconsider how you treat others and indeed the planet and yourself, than you have more issues to work out!

So work at being more kind! Work at;

  1. Being polite
  2. Not being aggressive and cutting
  3. Being gentle
  4. Being considerate
  5. Being thoughtful of others and their feelings
  6. Being kindhearted

May kindness be your #1 tool used toward building a great life, gaining true respect, as well as generating better karma and a better universe.