To elevate our lives to ever higher planes of being, we need to fill the many spaces and places of our lives with the best things life has to offer.

By doing so, we naturally establish pure and powerful centers at the core of our lives which in turn fill the larger arrangements of our lives with similarly wonderful things. With higher quality things filling up our spare time, our life is naturally uplifted.

Often far removed from mainstream culture, you will need to seek out ‘the greatest’ of all things that have endured the test of time.

So surround yourself with the finest things available. Seek out and surround yourself with the best: good people, good food, good conversations, nature, and things of the spirit. By surrounding yourself with only good and uplifted things, your experiences have a better chance of growing into something great.

The rewards will be well worth the effort as they open up countless passageways to Wonder, knowledge, and pleasurable experience—things such as creative passion, music, philosophy, poetry, literature, inspired science, art, great ideas, religion, and mysticism. They are the heart and soul of man’s collective psyche and some of the greatest creations the universe has to offer.