Uncovering one’s destiny is one of life’s greatest motivations yet remains one of its greatest mysteries. After all, putting our finger on the culminating act of our life is a bit like reading a crystal ball. Not only, there are no clear roadmaps to guide us to it. However, through Centerlife there is a general theme you can follow to find it and as we touched on in Heartpath, it has a lot to do with one’s relationship with one’s heart.

In fact, your destiny is unearthed through digging a path inward toward what your heart truly wants and loves. Your heart shines its brightest when it engages with the things it cherishes.

Destinypath shows that through pursuing things you love the most, you will naturally uncover your destiny. Destinypath emphasizes the need to try a lot of different things but especially following those that you enjoy the most. By following this path, you will naturally get closer and closer to uncovering the hidden treasure your heart desires, and watch your destiny naturally unfold before your eyes.

  1. Learn how destinies, like mysteries, uncertainties, and punchline are structured and how to uncover them (use Jin’s book Seven Paths to Power as your guide).
  2. Write down 3-5 things you always wanted to try or do? A good place to start is reminiscing on the dreams of your youth.
  3. Take action on the list you produced. Go out and buy something or sign up for a course.
  4. Enjoy building a glowing city upon your personal mountaintop.
  5. Feel the exhilaration you will experience when you uncover your destiny.