The Centerlife E-Book Bundle – Purchase it Here!

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For a limited time, you can purchase all of Jin’s e-books (seven in total) for USD 20.24 at this secure Gumroad link.

Jin’s books are the perfect supplement to your Centerlife practices. In Jin’s books, you can learn how nature works, how to improve your life, how to get closer to God, and possibly become enlightened.

The books can still be bought individually however with the bundle, you get all seven e-books (a USD 43.93 value for only USD 20.24).

Other purchase notes;

  • On the Gumroad purchase page, click on “Centerpath Book Bundle (7 Pack)” icon (it is located at the bottom, right of the screen).
  • The book bundle consists of seven e-books, combined into a single, .pdf file (512 pages in total).
  • The file if 9.4 MB in size so it may take some time to download.
  • See the outline summary of the books below to better understand each of book’s contents (and how you can use them to enhance your life and knowledge). This link includes even more detail.
  • The books are all based on Centerpath and therefore share the same ‘language’ and are highly interconnected. Thus you can be read the books in any order without losing the full impact of the ideas.

Oultine of Jin’s Books (as included in the 7-Pack Bundle)

Heart of the Universe (Pages 1-48) – This is Jin’s defining, metaphysics classic outlining all of Centerpath’s ideas during a walk between two friends. This book is a deep thinkers delight. Check this VDO!

Heart of Gold (Pages 49-106) – This self-help book shows readers practical ways to improve their life through emulating natures’ great wisdom. To Jin this is a must read, a Centerpath treasure. Check this VDO!

Awaken (Pages 107-182) – Self-help genre. Shows readers how to enrich their life and awaken their soul–i.e. become enlightened. Check this VDO!

Seven Paths to Power (Pages 183-260) – A new age/self-help book taking readers on a deep Centerpath journey discovering how the can use nature’s biggest powers–that is her beauty, balance, harmony, purity, and divinity; to naturally uplift and enhance their lives.

Centerlife (Pages 261-326) – Jin’s latest book showing how you can directly put nature’s harmony-generating wisdom to work in your life! Come find how to make your life what you always wanted and more!

Centerpath Papers (Pages 327-423) – This eight-part series presents Jin’s full Centerpath formulization in an intriguing and easy-to-follow, ‘white paper’ format. A must read to philosophical types and seekers of greater wisdom into the nature of being.

Encyclopedia Centerpath (Pages 424-512) – Shows myriad examples of Centerpath in nature, biology, the cosmos, our lives, and society. This is a fun, visual e-book showing how practically everything in the universe shares the same pattern. Check this VDO!