Guidelines Towards Implementing The Seven Paths

The Seven Paths focus on purifying and enhancing the seven core centers of your life. These core centers form the foundation from which a happy and healthy life emanates from. These key centers include our physical, emotional, mental, social, intellectual, individual, and spiritual centers which once enhanced and purified, will naturally elevate 90% of your life. Think Chakras in a conceptual sense however with a much more detailed and specific focus in Centerlife.

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The seven centers of The Seven Path are;

  • Wellpath (Physical Centers): Purify the Physical Centers of your life toward better health
  • Heartpath (Emotional Centers): Reconnect with Your Heart to Gain Emotional Stability and Greater Happiness
  • Virtuepath (Thought Centers): Purify Your Thoughts to Improve your Overall Wellbeing
  • Socialpath (Social Center): Improve Yourself Through Helping Others
  • Sagepath (Wisdom Center): Master the universe to build perspective and wisdom
  • Spiritpath (Spiritual Center): Get closer to God through better understanding her mind through her designs
  • Selfpath (You Center): Reconnect with your Core and Release the Power of the Universe

As you can see, each ‘pathway’ is designed to bolster and strengthen a prime center of our lives. All paths can be practiced in parallel however strengthening the base centers first (i.e. first the physical centers, followed by the emotional centers, etc) will allow a more  reliable ascension to the higher levels of Centerlife.

Implemented faithfully over time, your life experience will naturally become more-and-more uplifted as the new seedlings you plant begin to take root and sprout.

To ensure you can go the last 10%, we also provide the 30 Ladders of Centerlife. 30 Ladders is designed to supplement the centers of your life, over-and-above the Seven Centers. Like any structure, think of 30 Ladders as the remaining lattices necessary to buttress, support, and fill in the remainder of the structure. The 30 Ladders should also be thought of as the upward conduits leading us to ever higher paths of ascension.

To begin preparing for your seven pillars journey, we recommend you prepare the following documents and expectations;

  1. Beginning a journal to sketch out your plans and monitor your progress. This journal is also a great place to record your journey to a greater state of being.
  2. Fill out the The Seven Paths Worksheets.
  3. Buy Jin’s seven Centerpath books which supplement and amplify Centerlife’s various life practices (you can buy all of Jin’s book here for only $7.99!). They can be read in any order however the following is generally considered a good way to progress.
    • Centerlife – Happiness by Design (life practice that this site is based on)
    • Encyclopedia Centerpath (provides copious examples of Centerpattens in nature, life, mankind, and the cosmos. Should be read as a general reference book throughout all phases)
    • Heart of the Universe (metaphysical treatise on Centerpath)
    • Heart of Gold (provides self-help guidelines)
    • Seven Paths to Power (provides philosophical guidance
    • Awaken
    • The Centerpath Papers (provides the theoretical basis of Centerpath)
    • Centerlife – Happiness by Design (this book is the basis for this, the website)
  4. Be curious, patient, and positive.

Since all lifepaths below involve bolstering the various cores of being, all contemplations and exercises heavily overlap and contemplate one another—i.e. each study advances the other.

A note on expectations: As you begin to sharpen the focus of your life, you will experience some immediate, positive results however as with all great things, it takes time to fully evolve them so have a 6-12 month window to allow the full benefits of your new habits. After all, all masterpieces including your life are an ever-evolving and big work in progress.

May your Centerlife journey be rewarding and exhilarating as mine was delivering it to you!