Further Nature Studies

For those with an relatively advanced understanding of nature, walk with a friend or a child and help teach them about how the world works!

  • Discuss the life cycle of a tree in the context of Centerpath. Find its beginning point, its ending point, its fractal shape, and the dualistic arrangement of its below and above ground structures.
  • Discuss an ecosystem and how its members are interconnected through food and resources.
  • Choose an area in the woods and identify 5-10 members of its local ecosystem.
  • With every passing natural object you see, try and classify it as one of the various center-oriented patterns (click here to discover the primary patterns).
  • Ask your child to find five different centers (the sun, an acorn, a bird’s nest, etc.).
  • Does a tree mirror the shape of a river system? If so, which part is the river, which part is the mouth, and which part is the delta.
  • Nature and life unfold in rise and fall patterns like waves crashing on the shore and concert finales. Name five other examples.