You in Nature (YIN)

Use there practices to get closer to nature...and your life

To understand life, discover your relationship with nature. Use these practices to accelerate your growth!

Dial Into Nature

Re-Root Yourself...Thru Nature & Ascend

Use this practice to bring more peace and happiness into your life.


Nature's Geometry of Choice

Discover the common pattern underlying all things.

Center Seeking

Centers are the Starting Point

Start with finding centers to begin your discovery of nature.

Infrastructure's Form

Man's Patterns Match Nature's

Next time you fly, learn how man's world of infrastructure is organized...just like nature's!

Connection's Denominator

All is Connected Thru Centers

Discover how your life is interconnected with all other things...through centers.

Forest Bathing

Nature Provides All We Need

Enrich your life and health simply by being in nature more.

Ant Purpose

All has a purpose...thru centers

Discover how purposes arises in nature and in your life.

The Sound and Fury

The Look of Centers

Discover how centers 'look' to find them more quickly.

The Dance of Duals

Dualism and Centers

Glean the magic of dualism in the centers of nature and your life!

Alter Ascension

Make an Alter and Ascend

Focus your energy through building a personalized alter.

Advanced Studies

More Nature Studies to Intrigue

Further increase your understanding of nature and life thru these cool excercises.

Nature Homework

Learn of Life thru Nature

Build your kids understanding and relationship with nature thru these excercises.