The Law of Desire Rules the Universe..And Our Lives

You Can Get What You Want...With Some Effort!

Harness the Universe's Creative Force to Acquire What You Need, Want, and Desire!

Jin's Law of Desire Course is now LIVE!

Jin's On-Line Udemy Course is now available! To celebrate this joyous occasion, Udemy is offering a substantial discount to kick off the course as outlined below!

Follow these instructions to purchase the course!

  • Learn more about the course here! www.
  • To purchase the course, use this coupon code:
  • FREEBIE #1: Once you sign up for the course, you will automatically be entitled to a FREE copy of my e-book "Centerlife - Happiness by Design'!
  • FREEBIE #2: As a special offer over-and-above the course freebies, you can get a second e-book for FREE by......
  • ......1. Send Jin proof of purchase (of the course) and tell us which e-book (.pdf) you want!
  • ......2. Send P.o.P. and the book you want to Jin at:
  • ......3. Go to this link to help determine which book you want:
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