The Law of Desire Rules the Universe..And Our Lives

You Can Get What You Want...With Some Effort!

Emulate the Universe's Law of Creation to Gain the Things You Need, Want, and Deisre

Law of Desire On-Line Course (Check Back in June 2021)

Jin is currently developing an On-Line Course for seekers to obtain their goals, dreams, and desires utilizing the universe's very creative force to guide them. See the outline below of this exciting initiative!

  • Manifesting, intention, the law of attraction, etc. are some of the most widely and overused terms filling the internet these days. It’s the ultimate self-empowerment tool promising to ‘get what you want’ by simply thinking about it! If life only worked that way but it doesn’t! Getting things takes work, energy, effort, focus, dedication, and endurance!
  • For instance if you want a car, you can spend all day thinking about it but until you put blood, sweat, and tears…and a plan and budget in place toward getting it, the desire will just circle about in non-manifesting, spirals in your head (I guess that’s the part of the secret they forgot to tell us..).
  • THE GOOD NEWS IS that if you want to bring things in your life, you can. You can do so by emulating the creative force of the universe via its very process of creation—The Law of Desire as formulated by Jin Nua!
  • A time tested and true means to create that not only the universe uses at every scale of her existence, but one we all actually use day-to-day when we cook a meal, work toward obtaining a goal or purchasing a product, or having a conversation.
  • A simple process driven by originating centers which through the fields emanating from their surface, mold their surroundings into a reflection of the originating centers character and content. When the originating need or desire is genuine and pure, the creation is similarly well formed and will have a better chance of coming into existence, being blessed with exquisiteness, and an enduring presence.
  • Bringing the truth and majesty of nature’s creative process to the forefront not only helps renew our awe and wonder of the universe, but it also gives us a realistic and tangible means to obtain the things we need and desire.
  • Jin's On-Line Course 'The Law of Desire' promises to rewrite the book on how we go about acquiring the things we need, desire, and dream for!