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Virtuepath Mantra

Use the following mantra (or write out your own personalized version) one to refresh your commitment to your Virtuepath goals. Prior to reading the mantra, take a few deep breaths to draw in your focus and energy.

  • I recognize the character of my thoughts effects all aspects of my life.
  • I want to improve the quality of my thoughts to improve my experience of life.
  • I recognize the universe’s disposition is to produce purity-like qualities at the points of origin of her many creations which naturally carry forward to the larger organism forming about it.
  • I appreciate that my thoughts, and the core disposition that molds them, are the starting points of my larger life of thought patterns, beliefs, actions, and relationships.
  • I thus strive to my purify my core disposition and thoughts—to make them more virtuous, truthful, genuine, and good and proper to raise the quality of my larger life.
  • I recognize my thought patterns form the narrative of my life. A good and necessary narrative that has kept me safe but also one that largely sets my beliefs, expectations, and outcomes.
  • My Virtuepath knowledge let’s me know I can set narratives free in order to gain a truer and possibly more blissful experience of life. This especially applies to worries, and anxieties, and unrealistic expectations.
  • I discharge poor quality thoughts through visualizing myself on a beautiful, crystalline beach.
  • I bottle up my unhealthy and less desirable thoughts and set them free in the open ocean.
  • As I watch them disappear on the horizon, I feel a weight lifted.
  • I look at the clear horizon and the diamond like sand glittering at my feet.
  • With my slate clean of negative and unnecessary thoughts, I allow new and genuine thoughts to emerge in their place. Thoughts similar in character to the pure and beautiful crystalline sand beneath my feet.
  • I sit back and watch my new, virtuous seeds of thought naturally grow into ever expanding thought patterns of inspiration, truth, and wonder.
  • To help with achieving my goals, I practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and positive thinking.
  • I honor the universe for providing me a wonderful mind capable of incredible feats of thought, planning, memory, intention, etc. and the disposition to think pure thoughts.
  • I pledge to assist others understand the nature of their thoughts and share techniques to purify their thoughts.
  • I commit to work toward my Virtuepath goals and improve my thoughts and thereby overall wellbeing.
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