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Spiritpath Mantra

Use the following mantra (or write out your own personalized version) to refresh your commitment to your Spiritpath program. Prior to reading the mantra, take a few deep breaths to draw in your focus and energy.

  • I rejoice in the knowledge living in a universe that produces copious order and harmony.
  • I give great thanks to this miracle of being which is often balanced across a razor’s edge.
  • I recognize my ability to experience life and the universe, is a miracle beyond comprehension.
  • I honor the universe for producing this wonderful symphony of creation that’s afforded the ability to live and love.
  • I pay homage to this near-impossible opportunity by living each day in full presence, appreciation, purpose, and in awe.
  • I recognize each object, creation, and organism is harmoniously arranged by the purity radiating from its core.
  • I delight in the knowledge that each creation is a microcosm reflection of the architecture of the universe at large.
  • I take great reverence in knowing an ultrapowerful creator resides at the core of the universe, radiating purity and love into all her creations.
  • Understanding the architecture of the universe, I gladly open my heart to the real possibility a Great Creator behind and perpetuating this near perfect condition.
  • I give many thanks to the bountifulness this brings to my life.
  • I treat every interaction with the planet as sacred. A blessing of divine proportions.
  • When I eat and consume resources, I give great thanks and pledge to minimize my use in the knowledge nothing comes without taking from something else.
  • I pause daily, look at my surroundings, stare in awe, and say a little prayer to my lucky stars, thanking them for the miracle of my existence, that I am, and I live.
  • I get closer to the divine and by seeking out the smile of God in all things as truth, symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, and collaboration.
  • I strive to emulate the way of the universe—God’s way and the divine, by practicing rituals intended to elevate and purify my soul.
  • I refresh my beliefs by reading Jin's "I am Grateful" poem under the LIFE tab above.
  • I pledge to assist others toward appreciating the miracle of being.
  • I commit to work toward my Spiritpath goals and improve my spiritual wellbeing.
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