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Socialpath Mantra

Use the following mantra (or write out your own personalized version) to recharge your commitment to your Socialpath program. Prior to reading the mantra, take a few deep breaths to draw in your focus and energy.

  • I am not alone and isolated from others and the universe.
  • I never have been.
  • I am made up of myriad social systems relationships above and within me.
  • Communities of cells, tissues, and organs, and organ systems within me.
  • I am a part of a family, neighborhood, work group, city, state, and nation.
  • I am also part of our shared humanity.
  • I cannot survive or thrive without any of these social systems or relationships.
  • I honor this mighty tradition by recognizing these facts, their utmost importance, and that I also need to give back.
  • I pledge to give back and help others.
  • My gifts of time, care, money, donations, kindness, and compassion will guide my thinking.
  • I honor my parents whose closeup care and love allowed me a whole, complete, and happy life.
  • I give back to them with my time, by listening, and my hearty support of them.
  • I nurture my children in the same way as my parents I. I promise to love, support, and hold them dearly everyday.
  • What I give to them in terms of time and care will be passed on through multiple generations.
  • I also thank all those before me who have cared for me, taught me, and been kind to me.
  • My gift to them will be providing even better care, teaching, and kindness to all those I cross paths with.
  • I commit to all the above and make this thinking my way of life.
  • I honor the universe which gave me this all these communities—above, below, and within that allow we to live and thrive.
  • I commit to achieve my Socialpath goals and make them a mighty success!
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