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Heartpath Mantra

Use the following mantra (or write out your own personalized version) to refresh your commitment to your Heartpath goals. Prior to reading the mantra, take a few deep breaths to draw in your focus and energy.

  • I commit to working toward my Heartpath goals and improve my emotional wellbeing.
  • Like all things in the universe, I recognize that a pure heart of gold resides at my heart core, gifted to me by the Great Creator to ensure my life would be well and good.
  • This heart is like an oracle of timeless wisdom—it already knows what to do in every situation.
  • It will follow the path that is the right and best thing for all involved.
  • To regain my emotional wellbeing, I need to listen to and follow my heart.
  • She speaks to me in my waking thoughts, as first impressions, and gut feeling.
  • She sings to me when I listen to music, laugh, and share with and care for others.
  • I need to stay connected with her through the practices outlined in Heartpath.
  • When I am unclear or life is overwhelming, I need to go home to her. I do this by taking a moment aside in quiet and listen to what emerges from the silence.
  • I keep a journal by my bedside called Heartpath Talks.
  • I spend 10-15 minutes of quiet time each day writing down my feelings, what I loved, what I struggled with, and what my heart advised and wanted.
  • Building a dialogue with my heart, my life progressively improves as I reap the benefits of reestablishing a relationship with my heart.
  • I will live the practices in Jin’s books Heart of Gold and Seven Paths to Power which teach that packing as much heart gold into the centers and moments of my life are what define my larger life.
  • I recognize my emotional wellbeing originate from and are largely shaped by my emotional centers and the beginning points of my life—my thoughts, feelings, choices, decisions, the paths I choose, and my core mindset.
  • I strive to purify my emotional centers by focusing on the positive and addressing the negative. After all life is a miracle at every degree—challenges (as negative feelings) exist in life and dealing with them is a prerequisite to living in the good and positive space of the universe.
  • I endeavor to purify the points of origin in my life by sprinkling them with pure bullion each time they are called into action.
  • I will love myself more. I recognize that loving myself is largely a prerequisite towards loving others.
  • I surround myself with things of the heart—good people, nature, a warm home, heartening music, etc.
  • I will practice habits of the heart such as being warm, listening, giving, being kind, sharing, caring, forgiving, etc.
  • I pledge to address emotional pain from my past as a way of further cleansing my heart through self-dialogue, talking with a trusted soul, or via professional counselling.
  • To facilitate the healing process I apologize to others for mistakes I have made. I also forgive others and I forgive myself.
  • I realize by doing the things I love; I am following my heart. I stick with the things I love because I know that is the quickest way to happiness and I might also uncover my destiny and purpose in life.
  • I will slow my life and make the time to achieving all of the above and make healing and nurturing my heart a top priority.
  • I honor the universe which gave me this beautiful heart of gold which is equipped with everything I need to live life positively and harmoniously.
  • I pledge to assist others by helping them also reconnect with their heart.
  • I commit to achieve my Heartpath goals and on my way to a more peaceful and happy life!
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