10 Ways to Become Centered


Use these new and practical methods to become more centered and thereby calmer, happier, and more focused!

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10 Ways To Become Centered

“A long, deep breath is the equivalent of a full stop and the key to centering”

-Eric Maisel

Centering brings a host of untold benefits including peace of mind, increased clarity, a broader view, and an amplified ability to focus and apply one’s intentions.

Jin Nua, acclaimed speaker and author of the Centerlife Book Series, shows that while most focus on the classic techniques of yoga and meditation, there are in fact many alternative means to center yourself in your weekly routine.

Give the following practices a try on the way to a more focused, happier and more peaceful life.

Focus on the Little Things

Begin refining your centering skills through simply focusing your full attention on the task at hand before you. Whether paying the bills, playing with your children, sweeping the floor, or doing the dishes; turn off your electronics, reduce distractions, and direct your utmost attention to the space and time before you. You will find yourself closer to the moment, others, and your inner being.

Rest in a Pool of Water

Take 10-15 minutes a week to lay in a pool or tub to help you focus your attention. Start by laying on your back with your ears immersed in the water. Close your eyes or focus on an object or simply upon the sky above. Listen to your breath and gather your attention inward. You’ll find this is a great technique to center yourself into the here and now, focus, and get in closer proximity to the true essence at the core of your being. Note: Try to float as freely as you can (i.e. without touching anything); however where not possible use some flotation devices or towels to make yourself as comfortable, and as freely floating, as possible.

Take Up Sketching

What better way to gather your thoughts and experience the ‘here and now’ than to sit and sketch something before you. Think about it. What more effect way is there to slow time, focus one’s mind, and become one with your surroundings than the practice of sitting quietly, staring intently at a scene or object, and interacting with it via recreating it? Beginners don’t be discouraged! Your sketches will improve overtime. So pick up paper and pen, sketch, and center your mind!

Walk in Nature

Besides its physical and emotional benefits, immersing oneself in the source of being (i.e. nature), gets us closer to the place we came from and thereby, closer to our own core essence.  Thus walk in nature frequently to study her patterns, processes, and way and your mind will naturally relax and center in the beauty and harmony surrounding you. If you don’t have ready access to a park or nature, you should still take the time to walk regularly in your neighborhood or adjoining city blocks as walking in-and-of itself brings about both health and centering benefits.

Exercise Regularly

The repetitive rhythm of exercise provides a natural means to center one’s mind. The chemical cocktails it releases also serve to clear our minds allowing one to be more focused and intentional. I personally like focusing on a single subject when exercising (a creative project or otherwise) or listening to a captivating presentation by a spiritual or scientific intellect such as Chopra, Beckman, Frank Wilczek, etc. all of which help root me and bring me to higher levels of understanding.

Center, Repeat; Center, Repeat; Center, Repeat…

Hymns, chants, praying, and mantra’s are all designed to center our thoughts on a core word, sound/tone, or theme. Because the item of focus is usually of meaningful and divine intent, this effective centering practice also brings more goodness and holiness into one’s life.

Take Up a Centering Hobby

Take up a hobby that naturally focuses your mind and thereby sharpen your centering skills. Some of my favorites are nature-focused activities such as rock balancing, sand art, gardening, and the art of Bonsai. More conventional hobbies such as model building, fishing, and origami are also great ways to center your mind!

Journey to a Center

A great way to promote centering is to physically journey to a center. An easy means to get started is to visit a local labyrinth or maze (if not available, make one in your backyard or at the beach). Another way is undertaking a pilgrimage or visiting a sacred site both of which feature a journey to a central contemplation or location. To take a virtual journey to the Heart of the Universe, check out Jin’s book of the same title.

Return to the Center

Everything is here for a reason. It has an origin, past, secret, and mystery to be solved. A tree started as a seedling. Ongoing arguments in our lives started and continue because the originating disagreement remains unresolved. Entire philosophies begin with the thoughts of a single man.

By traversing back to the epicenter of all things in your life you will find its purpose, meaning, and reason for being here. Practiced routinely, this centering exercise will help you better understand the world, events in your life, and indeed yourself.

Learn How Centers Create the Universe

In a universe which constructs her many creations through a centering process, keyed to domineering centers, you stand to gain great insights to centering your life by understanding her creative process. Study Jin’s Law of Creation or check this link to learn more!

By practicing these centering techniques on a regular basis, your life will become progressively calmer, more focused and purposeful, and happier. Also pick up some of Jin’s book on centering by visiting his website at https://www.centerlife.center!

About the Author

Jin Nua’s been ascending higher spiritual planes since his spiritual awakening in 1998. He’s written six spiritual books based on his Centerpath formulization including a full life practice entitled Centerlife. He is recognized as a leader in centering thought, principles, and practices. His unique mystical insights, supplemented by his engineering background and extensive international travels, positions Jin as one of today’s most sought out spiritual teachers.

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