You and Your Mandala

Look at your life around you and what you will see is more of yourself.

For everything in your life truly begins with our most basic thoughts and impulses located in main centers of mind discussed above. Central foci of nerve bundles that are advantageously wired to affect larger neural associations which organize and band together yet larger associations. At some point these neural signals make the transition to muscular actions of motion, action, expressions, and words. It is this our outer boundary that the power of our inner fields can literally go around the world. For through the mediums of air and light others hear our words and see our body language and might even feel our actions.

A chain reaction set of events that go about sending out powerful fields into the world about you. Causing others to stop, look, listen, respond, react, and form long term opinions and memories about you. As you see it just doesn’t stop with the first interaction, it spreads further and further from you (albeit often less intensely) as it prorogates from the source to the next person, and next, etc. Your kind words and inspiring action caused the next person to act in kind in their next set of interactions etc.

Thus each and every time you think, act, speak, and impose your will; you are forming a large world about you. Ripples radiating outward from you at the center of the pond that is your life. Building up your larger life into a direct reflection of the nature, character, and quality of the various centers in your mind.

You are entrusted with great power to positively or negatively affect all things in our surroundings. What we think, feel, say, and act does have a real and direct affect on our world and the people in it. Hate and despair breeding more hate and despair whereas hope and love power only build more hope and love, Thus we should be careful with every thought, word, action, and deed for in each instance, you are creating your world and affecting the world of others.

Living Life in the Slipstream

Cumulatively forming a vortex spinning around you at the core of your life. A collage of words, images, sounds, associations, times, and spaces that make up your life all combine to make up a larger hurricane about and converging upon you at its core. Life is indeed a virulent sea but as a fair and calm captain at its helm we have the choice to set its direction and course down a path of growth, kindness, compassion, and be an inspiration to others.

Fill in the person you would like to be at the core of your life.


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