The Law of Desire Course

Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want

Wield the Power of the Universe!

Use the Power of Centers to Acquire What You Desire!

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The Law of Desire On-Line Course

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This Course Connects Jin's Nature Knowledge Directly to Your Life!
  • Jin's Online Course "The Law of Desire" (available in two versions)
  • Timeless Wisdom to Master Your Life
  • Bonus - Gain Access to Jin's Wonderful Kid's Books (three in total!)

This is What You Get!

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OnLine Course - The Law of Desire

Normally $99.99... Now $49.99!
Use the Power of the Universe to Get What You Want

Extra Bonus: Access to Jin's Three, Fantastic Kid's Books (Viewed in Joomag)

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Jin’s kid’s books provide great insights to life and growing up. A true delight to parents and children alike!

Wisdom, Peace of Mind, and Spirituality

Infinite Value... Incl- in The Course
What's more valuable than peace of mind, wisdom, and deep spirituality?

The Greatest of Gifts Await You

Everything You Ever Wanted...

This is What You'll Gain!

"The Power of the Universe is in Your Heart and Passion"

  • By the end of this course you will gain an effective and structured means to acquire what you desire via the Law of Desire worksheets
  • Bring the awe and pleasure of knowing back into your life once you learn how the universe creates and how you fit into her grand designs
  • Gain means to overcome the challenges we face when pursuing our dreams and desires
  • Understand the universe’s creative process and how to apply it in your life
  • Learn the importance of starting points towards creating an enchanted life
  • Learn how to better select and evaluate your choices and then, bring them into being
  • Methods to uncover your life’s mission, calling, and destiny
  • Simply become a happier and more fulfilled person!
  • This is the Law of Desire, The Secret, Manifesting, Intention, Raising Your Vibration and Frequency, and Positive Thinking all wrapped up into one!

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Are You Ready to Ascend?

Create the Life You Always Wanted!

The Power of the Universe in the Palm of Your Hand!

Learn How to Unearth Your Destiny!

Your Destiny Resides in What Your Heart Truly Wants!

About Jin

Described as one of today's most profound and insightful spiritual teacher, through Jin's teachings you stand to raise your spirituality to levels never imagined!

Jin Nua
Author, mystic, man of nature. Ever since his spiritual awakening in 1998, Jin's been ascending higher planes of understanding and experience. Centerlife forms the practice-based element of his overall Centerpath formulization. Check out his many books designed to help you better understand nature, the cosmos, mankind, and your life.
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