If there is one thing all people agree on, it is this—we all want more virtue, honesty, and truth in our lives. We want to better understand it as well as cultivate more of it in ourselves and receive more of it from others.

The truth resonates with everyone because it is the way of the universe. Nothing in nature lies or takes more than it needs. All its relationships are meaningful and balanced. Nature’s way is honest and truthful.

The reason for this is nature instills purity and symmetry into the inception points (i.e. centers) of its creations. These same characteristics are than transmitted to, and embedded into the larger creation forming about it.

Being a wholly formed product of the universe, our minds fully recognize the inherent rightness of these relationships—in nature and in us. Our minds naturally seeks such relationships and the inherent goodness it instills in our life.

So be honest, speak the truth, and don’t lie and distort things. Your life will naturally be simplified and improve as will those about you as your contagion of goodness spreads into the hearts and souls of others and the universe.