There’s no better way to jumpstart the enjoyment of life other than through living in the here and now. For when live in the moment, we slow down time enough to again see and experience things we’ve long glossed over and taken for granted.

Stopping time allows us time to reminisce, fully immerse ourselves in the moment, closely share an experience with a loved one, see the marvels of nature, and relish the wonder of being.

To begin your new here and now habit, you’ll need to begin programming some down time into your busy schedule. Stop at a park on the way home from work and take a walk for 30 minutes. Spend quiet time with your spouse or a child, watch a touching movie, or just talk without any distractions.

You’ll be glad you did. Once you begin closely reconnecting with others, smelling the roses, and again fascinating over being; you will experience great bliss relishing in the newfound closeness, ‘scents’, and beauty that reenters your life.