One of the quickest ways to re-root yourself and truly contribute to making the world a better place is to place frugality at the core of your life. The benefits you stand to gain are many. In fact, once you convince yourself that less is better you will gain the following;

  • You will save money by spending less and using less.
  • You will truly contribute to conservation efforts and making the world a better place. In fact, by buying less and using less, frugal types truly slow the long-term depletion of our resources.
  • When you become frugal, less instantly becomes more—i.e. you will develop more realistic expectations. Think about it—once you shift your center to less, your new baseline not only becomes fulfilling in its own right, everything above your new threshold is a real treat.
  • Through becoming frugal, you simplify your life (i.e. you have less things to worry about). With less to fret over, we have less anxiety and we have more free time to experience and enjoy life!

So, bring frugality into your life, habits, acts, and thoughts. You will live more happily and become a shining example of responsibility and restraint to an age without this quality.