Our careers form a major center of our lives taking up over 1/3 of our waking hours and even more of our physic energy. Thus, like all prime centers in our life, we should closely consider the career we choose since that decision (an inception point center to be sure), will ultimately comprise a very large portion of our being. Clearly doing something you truly enjoy, love, or are simply very good at is the best choice as you will than have the best chance of filling your days doing something that feels meaningful and fulfilling.

Thus, when you begin contemplating a career path, you should first ask yourself what you like doing most. For instance, do you love working with people, creating, helping others, or contributing to a good cause? What are you good at? Are good at writing, math, art, organizing things, music, or handiworks? If you’re unsure of what you like best, try several things until something begins to feel right and purposeful.

Likewise, if you are currently in a situation you don’t like, you should begin planning the next stage of your career. Ask yourself what you need to make the change? Do you need more skills or education to get where you want to be? Do you need to save more money to start the restaurant or shop you always wanted to? Do you need to take some time off to write that manuscript you’ve dreamed about? Get out a paper and pen, write out your goal, and then sketch the necessary steps you need to take to get there. 

Bottom line: Find your passion, pursue it, and watch your job satisfaction—and life satisfaction soar!