Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature

Here's How to Receive the Speical Offer

Special Limited Time Offer! (Offer Expires on 26 January 2022)

Here's How it Works!

Follow These Steps to Receive the Special Offer!

Step 1 - Purchase the Course

Here's How to Purchase the Course

  • To receive the special $12.99 price, click on the "Purchase Now" button below by 26 January 2022
  • You will than be redirected to the 'Udemy On-Line Courses' website which is where you will purchase my course (for $12.99)
  • ........Note 1: If you don't see the discounted price on the Udemy site, enter this 'Coupon Code': SPIRIT_COURSE_OFFER
  • ........Note 2: After you click on the "Purchase Now" link below, you must purchase the course within 24 hours (to enjoy the special price)
  • ........Note 3: If you want to preview the course before you purchase it, click on the "Preview the Course" button below

Step 2 - Receive Two FREE E-Books

Here's How to Receive the Two FREE E-Books

  • Send 'proof of purchase' to (click the link below) and we will send you the two e-books (in .pdf format)
  • Your 'proof of purchase' can be a simple screenshot of the Udemy site showing you have enrolled in the course
  • ........Note 1: If you prefer any of Greg's other books (other than the two listed in the Special Offer), please let us know and we will accommodate!
  • ........Note 2: Once we send you the two free e-books, we'll add you to Greg's mailing list
  • ........Note 3: If you prefer not to be added to Jin's mailing list, just say so "No Mailing List" in the 'proof of purchase' e-mail

More About Udemy Online Courses

If You Are Unfamiliar With Udemy Courses, Please Note the Following

  • Udemy is a well known/trusted/reputable on-line course provider and one of the largest
  • Udemy was founded in 2010 and has over 44 million students
  • If you want a guideline on how to signup and pay for the course on Udemy, please let me know at