Centerlife-Seven Paths to Happiness!

Transform Your Life and Gain More Purpose, Meaning, Intention, and Spirituality in Seven Easy Steps

Your One Stop Shop for Health, Happiness, and Joy!

Learn to Harness the Power of Centers!

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Centerlife-Seven Paths to Better Health, Happiness, and Joy!

$ 49.99$ 99.99 Value
Transform Your Life Starting Today!
  • Jin's Online Course "Centerlife-Seven Paths to Happiness!" (available in two versions)
  • Timeless Insights to Centers and Centering
  • Bonus - Gain Access to Jin's Wonderful Kid's Books (three in total!)

This is What You Get!

Here's What You'll Receive!

A $99.99 Value for Only $49.99!...A 50% discount!

OnLine Course - Centerlife - Seven Paths to Happiness!

Normally $99.99... Now $49.99!
You can view the course in two different versions (one is a continuous version and the other is lecture-by-lecture)

Extra Bonus: Access to Jin's Three, Fantastic Kid's Books (Viewed in Joomag)

Normally $11.97... Free w- This Offer!
Jin’s kid’s books provide great insights to life and growing up. A true delight to parents and children alike!

Wisdom, Peace of Mind, and Spirituality

Infinite Value... Incl- in The Course
What's more valuable than peace of mind, wisdom, and deep spirituality?

The Greatest of Gifts Await You

The Benefits are Enormous!

This is What You'll Gain!

"The Foremost Expert on Centers and Centering"

  • Gain Specific Steps to Improve Your Overall Well Being!
  • Learn New Ways to Improve Your Health, Emotions, Thoughts, and Relationships!
  • Learn Methods to Become Wiser, Increase Your Spiritual Well Being, and Possibly Become Awakened!
  • Reap the Benefits of Embedding Nature's Harmony Generating Wisdom Into Your Life!
  • You Will Gain a Happier, More Blissful, and Enchanted Life!
  • Gain More Meaning and a Sense of Purpose in Your Life
  • Discover How Nature Spontaneously Generates Harmony and How You Can in Your Life
  • Glean the Intimate Interconnectivity You Share With All Things
  • Learn How the World Works and Reignite Your Sense of Wonder and Joy!

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Are You Ready to Ascend?

Do You Want to Take Your Life to the 'Next Level' and Ascend?

Use the Power of Centers to Transform Your Life to the Enchanted!

Embedding Purity into the Centers of Your Life is What 7 Paths is Designed to Achieve

The way of the universe is the way of the heart. She embeds purity into the very core of her creations such that the larger 'world' forming about it is equally, well formed and beautiful.

About Jin

Described as one of today's most profound and insightful spiritual teacher, through Jin's teachings you stand to raise your spirituality to levels never imagined!

Jin Nua
Author, mystic, man of nature. Ever since his spiritual awakening in 1998, Jin's been ascending higher planes of understanding and experience. Centerlife forms the practice-based element of his overall Centerpath formulization. Check out his many books designed to help you better understand nature, the cosmos, mankind, and your life.
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