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Sagepath Mantra

Use the following mantra (or write out your own personalized version) to refresh your commitment to your Sagepath goals. Prior to reading the mantra, take a few deep breaths to draw in your focus and energy.

  • Having raised all the order, beauty, and balance in the universe, I recognize that nature holds the greats wisdom, and power of all.
  • I will spend time in nature to better understand these ultimate truths. I will use Centerpath as my guide whilst deep diving into nature and the nature of being.
  • Where great bonfires rage, is where I will find the greatest treasures. The fire burns brightest at the core of all things.
  • Nuclear forces at the heart of atoms, DNA’s complex life-giving code at the heart of cells, a perpetual ball of fusion at the heart of the solar system.
  • I recognize the burning cores of humanity are where truth, virtue, sincerity, and creativity reside.
  • I realize that to achieve deeper contentment, wonder, and intellectual growth I need to pursue the finer things in life.
  • Thus I make a conscious decision to move my attention and time away from today’s distractions of television and internet news feeds and instead towards the infernos raging at the core of humanity.
  • Great literature, science, art, music, and fashion will be my new callings.
  • I will use great music to captivate my soul, great literature to ignite my intellect, great art to spark my imagination, and great science to reawaken my awe and appreciation of being.
  • I will contemplate life’s biggest questions and build a dialogue with them in my journal.
  • I will try new things and exercise and stretch my mind to keep it in good operating order.
  • In order to becoming wiser in the ways of my interactions with mankind I will introspect more, seek the truth, take the necessary time to evaluate life’s challenges, keep a broad view, and seek to understand how and why others feel the way they do.
  • Powered with the might of nature’s wisdom and the infernos raging at the heart of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, I watch my wisdom take joyous flight.
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