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Stop, Look, Center, and Ascend

The way of the universe is the way of the heart. She embeds purity and powerful energy into the very core of her creations such that the larger 'world' forming about them is also beautifully formed----EMBEDDING PURITY INTO THE CENTERS OF YOUR LIFE IS WHAT 7 PATHS IS DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE----The Seven Paths shows that once you instill purity and wholesomeness in the seven, prime centers of your life, your larger life will naturally flourish and be uplifted. Check out the links below to get started.

What Are The Seven Paths?

The Seven Paths are the actions we undertake towards bolstering the seven key centers of our lives which are our physical, emotional, mental, social, intellectual, spiritual, and 'self' centers as listed below. Once you shore up these core elements of your being, you will have set the stage for your larger life to be enchanted, joyful, and happier!

  • Wellpath (Physical Center)
  • Heartpath (Emotional Center)
  • Virtuepath (Thought Center)
  • Socialpath (Social Center)
  • Sagepath (Intellectual Center)
  • Spiritpath (Spiritual Center)
  • Selfpath (Who You Are--Your Core)

How to Use The Seven Paths

Click on the links below to begin your Seven Paths journey. Each page provides you with methods to foster each of your core centers on your way to higher planes of existence! Be sure to complete the various worksheets included on each page!


Boost the Physical Centers of Your Life to Greater Health

Discover the physical centers of your life and learn how through their purification, your general health and fitness will naturally be improved. From such solid foundations, you will have set the stage to become more emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually fit.


Reconnect with Your Heart and Elevate Your Emotional Well Being

Discover the importance of your relationship with your heart and how that relationship's strength largely equates to the health of your emotions and wellbeing. Heartpath shows you how to reconnect with your heart and use her timeless wisdom to naturally uplift your emotional wellbeing freeing you up to live life more joyfully and to pursue ever higher plateaus of experience.


Purify Your Thought Centers and Improve Your Wellbeing

Through Virutepath, discover the all-important link between the quality of your life and the quality of your thoughts. Virtuepath teaches that our thoughts are just as real as anything else in the universe, and like seedlings they take root, sprout, and grow; and that their originating DNA is passed to all things that follow—that is to say our thoughts grow into something permanent and progressively larger. Virtuepath provides fresh new insights toward developing better quality thoughts toward uplifting and optimizing your life.


Boost Your Social Centers and Improve Your Relationships

Socialpath reteaches the overriding important of others to our wellbeing. That through helping others, we help ourselves. Socialpath accelerates this process through exposing the powerful ‘flocking’ centers that drive much of how we behave day-to-day. Through such an understanding we become better equipped to positively influence our interactions with others. We are also afforded the joy associated with helping, inspiring, and uplifting others as well as thanking those that have helped us on our journey.


Boost Your Knowledge and Increase Your Wisdom

If you want to attain life's crowning achievement—true wisdom, you need to build a deeper understanding of nature and how the world works. Wisepath accelerates the pathway to higher planes of wisdom through exposing the common pattern underlying all things. Coming to see the unity all things share, you quickly build a dialogue with nature and thereby deeper understandings of how nature and your life work. Ultimately gaining knowledge that transcends mankind on your path to higher wisdom and a richer experience.


Connect with the Divine and Elevate Your Spiritual Life

If you want to deepen your spiritual life and aspire to the divine, you’ll need to get closer to god. To accomplish this, you need to develop a dialogue with her, better understand her thinking, and recognize her smile in all things. Godpath facilitates getting closer to god through introducing you to the design she uses to generate her miraculous state of being. A wonderful creative process which naturally generates a host of beneficial qualities including symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, and collaborative-ness. Elevate your spirituality and proximity to the divine through coming to know god’s infinite genius and the loving care she injects into all her wonderful creations.


Reconnect w- Your Inner Core & Release the Power of the Universe

To gain higher awareness and enlightenment—to gain the ultimate human achievement; you’ll need to reconnect the great source residing at the core of your being. A magical spot, this place possesses the greatest treasures of the universe—infinite energy, creative fire, deep insights, spiritual awareness, and who you truly are. Selfpath provides a roadmap to this essential point of being through a series of exercises designed to slow your life and allow it to migrate back to your inner core allowing you to once again live your life from the source of your being.

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