There are the only three modes of being that we can find ourselves in. We are either growing, stagnate, or in decline. The good news is we have a choice in which mode we choose.

However, and unfortunately far too many choose, or should I say settle on the stagnation route. And the main reasons why this occurs is tragic—our social mantras teach us that everything’s already been done, thought, and accomplished so why waste our energy trying?

Not only we’re also told that spirituality, nature, art, and philosophical considerations are irrelevant, strange, and not worth our time which is 180 degrees from the truth! In fact, it is these qualities we should be exploring to grow ourselves.

So don’t believe everything you hear and are taught! The only true way to ensure you are growing and expanding yourself is to never stop being curious, learning, and exploring. So through off those chains of doubt and flawed social teaching and instead expand your horizons through trying new things, taking courses, learning more about nature, studying all forms of art, and remaining curious about everything under the sun.